Kumesu is on a mission to revolutionize the luxury leather industry. Founded in 2015, Kumesu is an African luxury handbag brand based in Nigeria; the African capital of the leather industry. Brain child of Betu Kumesu her eponymous brand caters for women’s lust for a timeless and elegant line of handbag with a luxury feel.

Brand founder and creative director Betu Kumesu discovered the untapped wealth of the Nigerian leather industry and how it supplies the most luxurious fashion brands around the world when she relocated to Lagos with her husband. Every year the same luxurious French and Italian fashion houses dispose of the unused leather and part of it is shipped back to Nigeria. Kumesu’s commitment to sustainability is at the brand’s core using highest quality remnants of the luxury fashion industry to create gorgeous handbags at a very democratic price. This is the launch of mindful luxury where resources and price points are managed at their bests.

Aiming to merge high quality designs, innovative business model and sustainability by maximizing the limited quantity of its luxurious supplies, the Kumesu production cycle is reversed: bags are created from a permanent collection such as 612, Kito, Julia and executed with the swatches of leather available to up cycle.

There will never be more than 2 similar bags and more often only one. As a result there is a strong demand from a loyal clientele, who seeks those mindful objects of desire and often collect bags of their favorite collections declined in ever so many variation of leather.

“The collection stays true to sustainable values and has been designed for a cosmopolitan woman who is stylish, ethically conscious and who values the aesthetics of her wardrobe”, says Betu Kumesu of the Kumesu Woman

The K Vision
Become the leading African Handbag Luxury brand

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