Kumesu Spring-Summer 2019 takes its inspiration in the Kuba Art from the Kuba people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

From exquisite geometric patterns on raffia cloth, cowries and beads used in Royal attire, the Kuba people have been described as people who cannot bear to leave a surface without ornament. Each pattern is given a name by a tribe -to honour the creator of the pattern or describe an object. The decorated caps indicate social standing and reflect wearer's achievements.

The designs and colours used - white, red, ochre- evoke beautification marks, royal Kuba attire worn during celebrations and wealth.
Mixed together, they echo the adornments and embellishments of the Kuba people of the Kasaï region where Kumesu is originated from

About Kuba Art
We have one of the most beautiful art forms in Africa.
Textiles from Africa are said to be one of the most important gifts to the world of art.

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